The Ledbury Park Childcare Program is a community based non-profit centre. We provide programs for children ages 2.5 - 12 years.

We’re delighted to be located inside Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School and have a wonderful relationship with Administration, Support and Teaching staff. Our program provides a unique opportunity for children to develop socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually and creatively.


Ledbury Park Child Care Program is a community based non-profit Centre. Our aim is to fulfill the child Care needs of the community.

Children are naturally competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. Our Educators strive to provide the best experiences and outcomes for children based on the four foundations of Belonging, Well-being, Engagement and Expression.

Our Program uses the document, How does learning happen?, A resource about learning through relationships for those who work with young children and their families, as a guide when developing our curriculum, Pedagogy and this program statement.

We believe that learning is an integral part of each activity a child experiences. Therefore, the partnership between Ledbury Park Elementary School and the Childcare Centre is not only practical but also logical and beneficial to both the school and the Centre. We also involve local community partners to provide extracurricular programs. At Ledbury Park Child Care we believe in providing an inclusive enriched childcare environment, which honors and respects all children’s beliefs, culture, language, and experiences acquired from their family and community. We will promote children’s health and well-being.

All our staff see fostering the children’s exploration, play and inquiry as a key goal in the classroom. We believe capturing and documenting our practice is a form of reinforcement of the learning process for educators, family and children. Staff will support all children’s ability to self-regulate, with the goal of this support being that children feel comfortable and confident with the learning environment.

Our play based learning philosophy, emergent curriculum and Pedagogical approach ensures that all children learn with and through material and experiences that have meaning and are important to them. Our Teachers plan learning experiences based on daily observation of not only the group, but individual interest. We will foster the children’s health and well-being both indoors and outdoors. We believe in staff forming trusting relationships with children and their families; providing everyone with a sense of belonging. We are committed that children learn to: care about other people; understand other’s feelings; cooperate and share; to express their opinions; resolve conflicts; and develop self-competence, self-worth, and self-regulation.

This Program Statement is reviewed annually to ensure that it is aligned with the Minister’s policy statement.


Preschool is a child’s first experience in a school setting! The preschoolers at Ledbury Park childcare are a part of the Ledbury Park Elementry and Middle school family! They are involved in all school events, assemblies, picture days, fundraising, classroom games and friendly competition. Together with the school, the Preschoolers stand for Oh Canada and morning announcements before they begin each day!

Through an Emergent curriculum, children learn through materials and experiences that have meaning to them. Our Early Childhood Teachers provide an enriched, prepared and welcoming environment each day.

Based off individual and group observations, the teachers add materials to the environment to further their interest and help them reach new goals as set in the Continuum of Develop, a tool used by Early Childhood Educators to help children reach goals in the areas of Social, Emotional, Communication, Language and Literacy, Cognition, and Motor skills.

Extra curricular activities are based on the childrens' interest and have included Yoga, Sportball, lego, music and dance. Seasonal field trips to destinations such as the farm, children's theatre, gymnastics, zoos and aquariums are part of our enriched curriculum.

Computer use, both desktop and tablet are accessible.

Group circle time, cooking, life skill activities, outdoor play, rest period, lunch and snack times are part of their day!


The Kindergarten program at Ledbury Park Childcare provides integrated care within the school setting before and after school. Our Early Childhood Educators work collaboratively with the Board Kindergarten Teachers and Board Early Childhood Educators to provide a cohesive and seamless day between School and Childcare.

The Kindergarten team meet briefly each day to discuss observations and plan activities based on emerging interests. Activities and experiences are planned in areas set out in the Ontario Full Day Kindergarten Curriculum used by both Board Teachers and Early Childhood Educators. Areas of skill development include Personal and Social Development, Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Health and Physical Activity and the Arts.

The Kindergarten program provides before school (7:30 - 8:45 am) and after school (3:15 - 6:00 pm) care to students. Through an Emergent curriculum our programs include:

  • Activities including arts, cooking, sports and recreation, life skills and science.
  • Extra curricular activities may include Visual arts, themed Science workshops, magic, dance, organized sports, drama, Sportball and field trips.
  • Healthy before and after-school snacks provided.
  • Computer play both desktop and tablets.
  • Outdoor play.

Full day programs available from 7:30am - 6:00pm on PD Days, Winter and March Break and summer (optional and extra charge may apply)


The school age program at Ledbury Park Childcare provides integrated care within the school setting, designed to stimulate older children in a co-operative, social setting.

The school age program provides before school (7:30 - 8:45 am) and after school (3:15 - 6:00 pm) care to students. Through an Emergent curriculum our programs include:

  • Activities including arts, cooking, sports and rec, team building, life skills and science
  • Extra curricular activities may include visual arts, themed science workshops, magic, dance, organized sports, drama, sewing, video game design and field trips
  • Healthy before and after-school snacks provided
  • Computer play both desktop and tablets
  • Outdoor play
  • Homework time is provided upon request

Full day programs available from 7:30am - 6:00pm on PD Days, Winter and March Break and summer (optional and extra charge may apply)


We provide a hot catered lunch and 3 snacks daily for our Preschool Children and nutritious snacks for the children attending our before and after school programs.



Click below to see the current Fee Schedule for all of our Programs.



A wait list application can be found HERE

Once filled in, your application will be automatically sent to the centre and you will receive confirmation that your child has been placed on the list as well as your desired program and start date. You will also be given a wait list ID number that is distributed in order of application received.

Families may contact the centre at any time to check the status of their application and how many applications are ahead.

There is no fee to be on the wait list.

We encourage families to arrange a tour of the centre with the supervisor any time before submitting their application or during their time on the wait list. Tours are available by appointment only.

We would appreciate if families could kindly email or call the centre with any changes they would like to make to their application. Such changes may include change of program, preferred start date or removing their child from the list.

Families who have filled out an application will be contacted when a space becomes available. Families will then be asked to come into the centre to complete the required registration package, review policies and provide the first month's fees. Fees are refundable up to one month before the agreed start date.

Our largest intake is September for Kindergarten and School Age programs and July and September for our Preschool program. Families will be contacted around February of their preferred intake year to confirm placement and to start the registration process. At least 1 month's notice will be given to families for start dates that fall during the school year.

Admission of new children into the centre is determined by the amount of spaces available and the position families hold on the wait list, with the exception of the following situations which will be given priority:

  • Siblings of children already enrolled in the centre
  • Children who reside in the Ledbury Elementary School District but currently do not attend Ledbury Elementary

Children enrolled in our Preschool program who live out outside the boundaries of Ledbury Park Elementary and Middle School will be able to enroll into the JK program at the school providing they are enrolled each year in the before and or after care provided by the child is no longer eligible to attend the child care. This demonstrates the need for care to the school.



We are always happy to share the latest news and fun things that are going on at Ledbury Park Childcare.

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